-Great American Nightmare- (monsterxero) wrote in blizzardwow,
-Great American Nightmare-

For the Horde!

So, In beta I played horde, but once release came, all my friends rolled alliance. I know, how could I call them friends if they roll alliance. I tried and tried to get them over to the dark side, but to no avail. They love their alliance. Since then, we've switched servers several times, taken breaks, and I've grown kinda tired of getting up into higher levels and then jumping servers to hang with them.

First post here, but lurked since the beginning. Lookin for a place to play horde with some mature players. Helpful, friendly, serious, but laid back at the same time. I'd highly prefer a normal or RP server(I like PVP, but I wanna do it on my terms and not constantly have to look over my shoulder)

/sniff I miss my orcs and trolls.
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