melancholicmuse (melancholicmuse) wrote in blizzardwow,

Omicron's 2v2 Tourney on Staghelm

Tonight, Omicron (an alliance guild on Staghelm) hosted a 2v2 PvP tourney at the Gurubashi Arena. Myself, Mystickah (a level 60 MS Warrior) and Evdawg (a level 60 pally) entered. We were the only ones from our guild to do so, and one bad factor our guild was going for Domo tonight (which we didn't know would happen last week when we signed up, though they didn't down it yet).

There were 20 groups from horde and alliance side and they were organized by armor strength, T0, T1, and T2. T0 being all blues, T1 being a mix of blues and purples and T2 being mostly purples. We beat everyone that was T0 and T1. It wasn't until we got to another team of a warrior and a pally did we lose the round, and they were the first group we went against with T2 stuff. We lost for 3rd place against a horde T2 team as well. But we came in 4th place.

Check out the results HERE

I'm just really excited because our first fight was against 2 druids and even people in our guild were saying we wouldn't get past them, but we did!
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