Optimistic Pessimist (firesparks8) wrote in blizzardwow,
Optimistic Pessimist

Need volunteers- do you use social networking websites or a MMO?

Hey guys well yes I am in grad school and I've decided to do a major research paper on MMO's and social networking websites and how they affect our identities and also our awareness. I really need some people to participate in case studies which I am conducting in order to supplement my paper since this is a new area (relatively speaking).

So long of the short of it, I am going to create a survey online which I will need to be filled out 5 days a week for 2 weeks. The survey will be short and will just ask general questions about hours logged in game, and other pretty general questions. The surveys would only be 15-20 questions long (if that). As far as information about you all I would need to know is your geographic location, age, sex, hours logged each day (estimate).

I would REALLLLLLLY appreciate anyone volunteering to do this for me. Either contract me through this post or email me at firesparks8@verizon.net!

Thanks guyz/galz- lots of <3


I would really like to get as many people as possible from other countries!
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