Kiyo (sumimasen_kiyo) wrote in blizzardwow,


Hi All. I'm new to this forum but not WoW. Anyone else here in total withdrawl as they take down the servers till tomorrow?
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I think you're one of the first people I've seen post in ages...

My server is getting "maintenanced" on Wednesday/Thursday. *pout* At least I have other servers to play on. That whole 'putting all my characters on the same server' thing looked a lot better before. Ah, well.
Bugger. At least you have other chars to keep you occupied.
I'm on Hyjal, they did ours a while back - so it's just normal for us. Of course by the time I get off work it should be back up. Yay for being the guinny pig? Hopefully you guys don't get the issues we had which took us down for an extra day.

I just hope the clean it up, WoW seemed really buggy this week; half of our raid group lost their BWL save; which meant we ended up making unprepaired Skeram attempts last night instead; which sucks for us since we were expecting to take down all 3 drakes last night.

meh - *shrug*
I've gone up 3 levels in 4 days and am motivated by rep and higher level dungeons. I hope we don't have the issues you guys experienced so it doesn't bugger up my ST run :P

5 mans can be self-reset, so it's a non issue.

Curious, what level/class are you?
Ah I didn't know that. doh!

I am currently a 58 human mage. But I should be 59 by tomorrow :P
sweet... closing in on the big 6-0
Yeah I hear ya. Although I have good old *sarcasm* Guild drama to deal with!

No better antisipation that wondering if you're still in your guild after a server reset!
Oh My! Well luckily there are plenty of guilds per server.
YES!!! I want to play :(. I have homework to keep me busy but that's no fun at all.
At least if you finish all your HW the you can justify to yourself later why you deserve to play :)

btw love the icon!
Aye, my two servers of choice lately, Dark Iron and Kael'thas, are both caught in this 36 hour downtime. Fortunately, it's a beautiful day outside.
<3 beautiful days... tis cloudy here atm.
You should check out worldofwarcraft, it has a lot more members and people post all the time. :)
Thanks Mr. Mod I checked it out and joined :)